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HRO 30th Anniversary


HRO Gastown 91.jpg

30 years ago, on October 7th, 1990,

Hard Rubber Orchestra debuted at the original Glass Slipper on E. 11th.

The band was:

Bill Clark, Aron Doyle, Jim Ross - trumpets

Hugh Fraser, Dennis Esson, Jason Liebert, Brad Muirhead - tbones

Campbell Ryga, Ross Taggart, Patric Caird, Daniel Miles Kane - saxes

Ron Samworth - guit, Paul Blaney - bass, Stan Taylor - drums


"This month, before covid showed up, we were to have our 30th anniversary concert featuring new commissioned work by one of my heroes, Peggy Lee, plus hits from the past 30.

Huge thank you to all the musicians and artists who have been part of my dream, and to Diane Kadota for her unheralded behind-the-scenes work to keep us going."
                                                     -John Korsrud


Hard Rubber Orchestra 1991



Earful of Vancouver Video Series

Hard Rubber New Music Society presents An Earful of Vancouver. Videos by several of Vancouver’s creative composer/ performers, created during the 2020 quarantine. Each video captures the unique personality of creators in highly eclectic ways. Composer/ performers include Hugh Fraser, Sharon Minemoto, Jon Bentley, Jillian Lebeck &Victor Noriega, Bruno Hubert, Ron Samworth & Melissa Hubert, André Lachance, and Marina Hasselberg & Giorgio Magnanensi.

Passing Notes Mentorship Series



Hard Rubber New Music continues its commitment to fostering Canada’s next generation of innovative, experimental composers through the Covid-19 pandemic with an online mentorship program pairing nine emerging composers with established mentors.

Our nine mentees were selected through consultation with Kimia Koochakzadeh-Yazdi, Alanna Ho, Brad Turner, Bradshaw Pack and Jocelyn Morlock, and represent a cohort that will make an impact on Canadian music for many years.


They are: Michael Kirchmayer, Allie Sascha O’Neill, Edzi’u Loverin, Mike WT Allen, Casey Thomas-Burns, Shruti Ramani, Eliot Doyle, Sam Meadahl and Greg Andersen.

Our mentor composers, chosen in consultation with the mentees, are some of our finest creative music creators: Vancouver New Music’s Giorgio Magnanensi, jazz orchestra leader Jill Townsend, electronic wizard Stefan Smulovitz, JUNO Award-winning composer Jocelyn Morlock, Cap U instructor Daniel Hersog, percussionist/ethnomusicologist Curtis Andrews, composer/pedal steel guitarist Bradshaw Pack, keyboard virtuoso/composer Chris Gestrin and Artistic Director John Korsrud.

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